Neighborhood Character and Quality of Life


I will continue to work with neighbors and city officials to maintain and protect the uniqueness of our neighborhood while also supporting changes that build on our strengths.  Important elements contributing to neighborhood character are the architecture, the quality of building materials and maintenance of our homes, the variety of retail establishments, the safety of our streets, the open spaces, and the trees that form our spaces. In our neighborhood, we meet and connect with our neighbors.  As I go door to door, or gather at meetings or social events, I repeatedly hear from you about your important issues that also matter to me and which I will work to improve:

  • SAFETY. Having a safe neighborhood is fundamental to a high quality of life. We need to keep crime low and sidewalks physically safe, but we also need the safety that emerges from a strong community of people who know each other and look out for each other. I will work to support appropriate, pedestrian scale lighting, safe streets, strong relationships with the community policing team, and our local business community in which customers and owners know each other.
  • SCHOOLS. Thriving neighborhood schools are crucial to our district’s future. I will work with the neighborhood, the city, and the developers to encourage families with children to live in our neighborhoods. Schools have always brought the community together. Schools encourage us to explore and celebrate our diversity.
  • PARKS.  Attracting families requires the continued support for a neighborhood that is friendly to children – safe and with sufficient green space.  I will advocate for well-maintained parks and open spaces.  These spaces provide places in our neighborhoods to have fun, and enjoy time together.  Community involvement is vital to the quality of our parks.  Volunteering improves our surroundings while creating connections among neighbors.
  • CHARACTER. District 2 has five national historic districts and one local historic district.  The buildings in these districts connect us with our heritage and make our neighborhood unique and attractive – our place rather than just any place. I will work to support continued stewardship.
  • TRAFFIC SAFETY.  District 2 has very busy commuter corridors that are also neighborhood streets, I will work to ensure that pedestrian/bicycle safety and local quality of life are high priorities in transportation planning.