Economic Development, Employment Practices and the City Budget


Financial stability and wise budgeting are essential to the city’s overall health.  As Mayor Soglin observed in talking about city budgeting: “Madison can perform as an outstanding community … only if our city government is stable.”

  • I continue to support bringing businesses and start-ups to the East Washington corridor, and I support the study and potential development of a Madison Sustainability Commerce Center.
  • I have and will work with the private sector and the many public entities to further develop business nodes that contribute to the economic health and vitality of the city, including building on Madison and the area’s food culture, tourism (including recognizing and building on the international acclaim of Frank Lloyd Wright), and technology start-ups.
  • Our arts and cultural resources contribute to the vitality and success of our city.  The Overture Center, smaller scale cultural and music venues, and our museums attract visitors and create places where we want to be. We must work for the success of these venues, which in turn contribute to the success of our city. As an alder, I will work to develop our art, architecture and cultural resources which contribute to a good quality of life as well as successful tourism destinations.
  • I support best practices in employment including fair compensation, solid benefits including health insurance, work-life balance, creating a culture of engagement, enforcement of provisions against discrimination and sexual harassment, regular conversations between employees and managers about performance and , mutual respect, open and honest communication, recognition of good performance, and training which allows employees to keep up their skills in this fast changing world.