About Ledell

Ledell is currently Alder for District 2, and very actively involved in the neighborhood and the city. Ledell cares about the people that make up this city, what makes cities successful and great places to live.

As Alder, Ledell requested placement on, and was appointed to, the Plan Commission, Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission, Transit and Parking Commission, the Common Council Organizational Committee and the Food Policy Council. Ledell is also on the Downtown Coordinating Committee, the Southeast Campus Area Committee, the Capitol East District Committee and the Transportation Ordinance Review Ad Hoc Committee. Ledell also regularly attends the D2 neighborhood meetings to provide input as to D2 happenings, but also to get feedback from D2 residents about what matters.

Ledell was appointed in 2008 by the mayor to serve on the Zoning Code Rewrite Advisory Committee. This committee was charged with working with the city to review and advise on the zoning code and map as they were prepared, and make recommendations to the Plan Commission. The new Zoning Code went into effect January 2, 2013, and guides the type of long-term development that takes place in Madison.

From 2011-2012 Ledell chaired the Downtown Coordinating Committee which considers issues of operation, design, safety, maintenance and use of the Downtown Area.

Ledell is very involved in the neighborhood and has been a member of the Capitol Neighborhoods (CNI) Executive Council for 11 years, serving as president for three years. Under her leadership the organization established a neighborhood Development Protocol. These guidelines help protect neighborhood values while encouraging sustainable developments that have contributed new living options to those who want to live closer to the heart of the city.

As CNI president, Ledell established quarterly meetings between representatives of the CNI Executive Council and the mayor, helping improve communication between the mayor and central city residents. As program committee chair, Ledell brought in nationally recognized speakers, established City Channel recording of the events, and organized a professional survey of members to be sure everyone had a chance for their voice to be heard. Ledell has also been active in the Mansion Hill district of CNI leading the effort to develop the Mansion Hill Design Criteria.

Ledell is a member of WI Bike Federation, WI Academy of Science Arts and Letters, Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, Nature Conservancy, Madison Symphony Orchestra League Board, Sierra Club and Tempo Madison. Ledell has worked in both the public and private sectors in leadership roles and was most recently the Human Resources Director of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board.

Ledell and Simon have lived on North Carroll Street since 2001. They continue to restore an 1850’s landmarked home, preserving a bit of Madison’s architectural heritage that contributes to the texture, authenticity and beauty of our city. Ledell cherishes the historic parts of Madison but also supports the continuing development and evolution of Madison. Ledell wants the right developments in the right places…and is excited by the development taking place and the development potential on the East Washington corridor. This new development is already providing more housing, businesses and retail outlets which contribute to a more energetic and engaging edge to the district.