Ledell Zellers

Your D2 alder is Ledell Zellers 

Uncontested in 2015 for the D2 Alder election

Ledell Zellers – Alder and active resident of District 2 in Madison, Wisconsin.

I am campaigning to continue as Alder of District 2 because I think this district, and Madison as a whole, is a great place to live but needs good representation in the City Council to maintain and strengthen this position.

Many neighbors, business owners, developers, and Madison residents have shared with me what is important to them, along with their ideas to maintain and improve the district and Madison. I continue to attend neighborhood events, knocking on doors, and listening to your priorities for our neighborhood and the city. As a thirty year resident of Madison who has been living in the district for the last thirteen years, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I look forward to talking with you and sharing ideas about our neighborhoods.