Ledell Zellers

Ledell Zellers has been District 2 Alder since April 2013.  She ran unopposed for another term in 2016.

Ledell Zellers – Alder and active resident of District 2 in Madison, Wisconsin.

I have come to the difficult decision not to run for reelection as alder in 2019. I have been honored to represent you.

An important part of doing a good job as alder is to work with the people one represents. You have made that part of the job a pleasure. There are so many great people in district 2 who care about the neighborhood they live in and are willing to work to keep it wonderful and make it better. Thank you.

One of the things that made the decision not to run for a fourth term easier for me is knowing that we have many thoughtful, dedicated residents who are already doing great work on behalf of our neighborhoods and who would give serious consideration to running for alder. Part of the reason I am making my intentions known now is so people have time to consider running.

I look forward to continuing to represent you until my term ends in April…and afterwards I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!